The Impact

In the hands of women and girls, two simple wheels and a frame become vehicles of change that can uplift generations. 

Women and girls in rural regions play a critical role in helping their communities thrive. Yet without reliable transportation, they walk long distances to reach vital services, risking their personal safety and valuable time.

Join us in putting the changemakers of tomorrow on life-changing bicycles.


Girl students with bicycles decrease absenteeism by 28%. 


Health workers with bicycles make 88% more patient visits. 


Farmers with bicycles increase their incomes by up to 23%.

Maggie | A Young Mother

Knowing that education equals a brighter future, for them and their daughters, young mothers from Malawi strive to finish their education despite an almost two-hour walk to school. For Maggie and her friends, determination drove them back to school after giving birth, despite the barriers standing in their way. Bicycles helped keep them there.

Alinesi | Dairy Farmer

“Timing is everything,” says Alinesi, a dairy farmer in Malawi and mother of five, who delivers milk twice daily with her bicycle. Alinesi used to carry a 40-liter metal milk jug on her head, walking at least one hour each way. She often missed deliveries and suffered extreme pain. Now, with her extra time between milkings, Alinesi uses her bike to harvest the fields, make feed for the cows and sell dairy products at the market. She also delivers milk to community members who are sick or in need. “I give it to them freely.”

Sandry | Student

Sandry, a strong young woman with a clear vision for her future and a passion for learning, dreams of becoming a social worker one day. “I want to keep working hard so that I can be the strongest woman that I can be,” says Sandry, a Colombian student who used to walk 4 kms to school before receiving a bicycle. Sandry’s dream for her community is to have more access to education. She says she wants all girls to have the chance to learn like she has had.