About The Ride

No matter what distance you choose to ride, whether you're solo or with a group, you can help us Pedal to Empower women and girls around the world. Choose your distance and make an impact by helping us reach our goal of 5,000,000 kilometers. Together, you’ll help grow this global movement into the largest all-ages cycling event in the world, benefiting women and girls with life-changing bicycles.

This ride is about the mission, not the distance.
So use your creativity and most importantly, have fun!

Join Anywhere

Hop on your bike and join from anywhere in the world. We’ll equip you with everything you need to set off on your own adventure - long or short - and make a huge impact.

Host a Ride

Organize a community ride and invite friends, family, and coworkers to join your team. You'll receive a toolkit with everything you need to host a great event!

Join a Local Ride

Unite with other riders in your community and pedal with purpose together. Search here for a community-organized ride near you!

Pedal to Empower is free to join.
An optional $25 donation is encouraged to help mobilize women and girls across the globe.

Why Women & Girls?

Throughout developing regions, women and girls face cultural obstacles that limit their access to quality education, well-paid employment, quality reproductive healthcare, and property rights. That’s why World Bicycle Relief aims to direct 70% of program bicycles to women and girls. With access to bicycles, they can unlock their potential. Learn more >

Why World Bicycle Relief?

World Bicycle Relief is a catalyst for change, helping people in need realize their goals by providing access to education, markets, health facilities and vital services with the tool they need to thrive. Equipped with a purpose-designed Buffalo Bicycle from World Bicycle Relief, students, health workers and entrepreneurs in developing regions create opportunities for themselves, their families, and entire communities. Learn more > 

Why World Bicycle Day?

World Bicycle Relief’s Pedal to Empower event aligns with the internationally recognized World Bicycle Day on June 3 to celebrate the bicycle as “a symbol of human progress and advancement.”

We think there’s no better inspiration as we ride to empower women and girls around the world!

The United Nations first observed World Bicycle Day in 2018 after Dr. Leszek Sibilski, a World Bicycle Relief supporter, and his students at Montgomery College campaigned for UN to recognize the vital role bicycles play in access to education, healthcare and sustainable development.