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Friday 14th Apr


On June 1st at 4:00 a.m I will be starting a ride around Lake Ontario to raise funds and awareness for World Bicycle Relief. The goal is to ride roughly 1,000 km's around the lake, with a ride time of about 45 hours, and a total time of 65 hours.

For most of us, transportation is not a luxury item, be it a bicycle, car, public transit, it is always readily available, for many, if not most in developing countries this is not the case.

Whilst World Bicycle Relief provides bicycles to a variety of communities for many reasons, my ride is going to focus on how the simple gift of a bicycle can be the catalyst to a better education, this is especially true for young girls in these communities who are often faced with the prospect of not getting any formal education because of the inability to safely attend school, one bicycle can dramatically and permanently change the lives of not only the individual, but the broader community.


In rural communities around the world, the biggest barrier to education is often getting to school – especially for girls. Our community-based programming provides bicycles to students in need, prioritizing girls in particular. Access to reliable transportation mobilizes girl students to access schools and clinics, support their communities, and realize dreams. By providing bicycles, you empower students to fulfill their potential and break the cycle of poverty.

Girl students on Buffalo Bicycles: 

  • Were 19% less likely to drop out
  • Reduced their absenteeism by 28%
  • Cut their commute times by 33%, saving more than one hour a day
  • Reported feeling more in control of the decisions affecting their lives
  • Ranked themselves higher academically and had a greater belief in their potential to succeed in life
  • Experienced 22% less sexual harassment and/or teasing on their way to school

Your support be it in a donation of any amount, sharing my event on social media, or learning more about this organisation and the challenges developing rural communities face would be very much appreciated.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Anna &michael Phinney


Corina Lloyd


Dianna Chepita

Way to go, Stewart! This is an awesome initiative - good luck this weekend!


Natasha Edwards

Good luck!