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Pedal to Empower

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I’m pedaling to empower women and girls around the world.

I am thrilled to share that I am helping to change lives through the Power of Bicycles! I'm raising funds and awareness for World Bicycle Relief, a global nonprofit organization committed to helping individuals overcome the barrier of distance in developing communities around the world.

Please consider supporting me as I work to empower women and girls through the Power of Bicycles. Every donation makes a difference, and a contribution of $165 USD helps put a Buffalo Bicycle into the hands of a person in need!

Thank you for your support.

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I found a pile of money on the ground...

Saturday 3rd Jun
Several months ago, not far into an early morning bike ride, I found a pile of money on the ground. And I mean A PILE. 34 bills, totaling 28,600 NT$ (around $930 US). It was just after 5am on a Sunday, and there was no one around, so I stuffed it in my jersey pocket and continued my ride.
Based on the amount, it was most likely someone's entire monthly salary that had fallen out of a bag or pocket while riding a scooter. With that in mind (and with the help of wonderful colleague & friend, Ian Wang), I turned it in to the Taichung police - hoping that it would end up in the hands of whoever had earned it.
We were told that if no one claimed it within 6 months, that it was "finder's keepers," but truthfully I had no expectation of ever seeing the money again. In April, however, we learned that it had not been claimed, so it became "mine," and (again thank you, Ian) we picked it up from the police.
Whoever earned (and lost) that money probably had a pretty rough time dealing with that situation. So, I decided to honor that person's hard work and put it toward something that would hopefully make them proud - and multiply the impact as much as I can. That brings me to this Pedal to Empower event!
Since I found the money while on a bike ride, it seemed fitting that I donate the money to World Bicycle Relief! In solidarity with the unknown (and unintentional) donor, I have personally matched their "donation,” and my amazing parents Tom & Kathy Kelleher have also thrown some cash on the pile to fund an additional five Buffalo bikes.
With the match from my wonderful employer, SRAM, and the event partner match, the impact of this person's money now means FORTY-NINE(!!!!!) Buffalo Bikes going out into the world - talk about POWER of bicycles!
WBR has long been a cause that is close to my heart, and I hope this story will inspire you to contribute as well - anything large or small is appreciated! Let's help more people (especially women & girls!) overcome the barrier of distance around the world.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Jaime Kelleher, Money Found On The Ground, Tom&kathy Kelleher

Let's multiply the impact to empower women & girls!



Jaimes, you're a force!!!



I love reading your stories and seeing your passion! Thanks for continuing to set a great example!