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Pedal to Empower

Pedal to Empower

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20 KM

We're pedaling to empower women and girls around the world.

Join World Bicycle Relief's annual ride “Pedal to Empower” wherever you are and empower women and girls around the world to break down barriers with bikes.

Throughout many regions of the world, women and girls face cultural obstacles that limit their access to quality education, well-paid employment, quality reproductive healthcare, and property rights. Women and girls with bicycles are empowered to unlock their potential and have:

  • More time and energy to focus on educational pursuits
  • More safety and confidence en route to schools and clinics
  • More choice and privacy when accessing healthcare
  • Greater earning potential
  • Improved standing in the household

Whether you ride around your neighborhood with your kids, up a mountain, or on your indoor trainer, thank you for joining us in raising awareness and funds to give bicycles to the changemakers of tomorrow. When you ride, she rides!


Do some or all of below:

Do a bike ride in support of this cause.

Share it on social media (raise awareness with your contacts and encourage them to join)

Donate. Even though Pedal to Empower is free to join, an optional donation to this fundraiser is encouraged. Donations of any size are greatly appreciated.

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Funds Raised


Funds Raised



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