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Pedal to Empower

Pedal to Empower

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Women and girls in Africa will benefit from your support

On Sunday June 25, 2023 late in the evening, I ended round the Lake Ontario ride. Owing to the overwhelming support of donors, we were able to exceed the fundraising goal of $750 by over $200.00. 

Women and girls in Africa and South America who need bicycles to deliver their produce to local markets will benefit greatly from this fundraising activity. 

Lastly, a couple training rides in June coupled with the 890 km ride round Lake Ontario, pushed me beyond my ride goal of 1,000 km. Pedalling on my indoor trainer during the snowy winter days since last December enabled me to ride an average of 175 km each of the five days. 

Again, thank you for your support. 

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One Day to Go

Tuesday 20th Jun

With one day to go till I start the ride around Lake Ontario, my Giant road bike has been checked out and is up for the 870 km distance. 

Weather looks good for the 3-4 day cycle through New York State and then on to the Waterfront Trail on the Canadian side.

A big thank you to donors who have contributed to the fundraising goal and it’s not too late to make a contribution. 

Watch for daily updates as I cycle along the Lake Ontario shoreline. 

It's More Than a Bike

Monday 5th Jun

It is a way of life for African women who desperately want to support their families. 

While in Africa recently, I saw first hand how hard these women try to deliver fresh produce grown in small gardens to local markets and generate an income to support their families.

I will cycle around Lake Ontario in June 2023 in 3-4 days and log a distance of 870 kilometres. It will also demonstrate my commitment to this world wide initiative. 

Can you pitch in a few dollars for this cause. Click on the DONATE icon to contribute. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Gary Kapac


Richard Predovich


Toni Ellis

What a good cause, VInce. Thank you!


Thomas Simpson

Good on U Buddy. Shelley say’s Go Forest Go!!😂👍


Mike Mayne

Congrats! You made it!


Mike Peters




Pam Hasson

An amazing challenge for a worthy cause!


Fred And Barb Reynolds



Well done Vince!


Vince P Mayne