Chicago Tigers 🐯

Pedal to Empower

Pedal to Empower

We're pedaling to empower women and girls around the world.

Join us for an adventure on two wheels.

We are excited to help change lives through the Power of Bicycles!

If you wish to pedal along from anywhere, click 'Join the  Team' and be a part of the fun June 3-5th. 

If you wish to support with a donation, you will be helping get more women and girls on bikes in countries around the world to achieve independence and thrive. 

If you wish to ride together (my first choice) please join me in Highland Park on Sunday, June 5th, 8am for a supported 20 mile no-drop ride where we will ride a casual pace.  Precise location is forthcoming.  

Every donation makes a difference, and a contribution of $165 USD helps put a brand-new Buffalo Bicycle into the hands of a person in need!

Come join Chicago Tigers with any ounce of courage in honor of  The  Year of the 🐯!

Thank you to our Sponsors


Lindsay Hardie


Doug Gillespie


Leah Missbach Day


Pamela Whyard


Melanie Shaw


Procfo Partners - Haleh Fardi

I’d love to join you in the ride


Julie Didomenico


Raluca Mondi



Jon & Kathy Ford


Jonathan Ford




Procfo Partners - Haleh Fardi


Lori Lovens


Tricia Puskar


Marlene Krygowski

Go Tigers! I will be riding with in my heart.


Donna Hickey

Looking forward to riding on Sunday June 5th.


Eric A Pounder


Eric Pounder