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I’m pedaling to empower women and girls around the world.

I am thrilled to share that I am helping to change lives through the Power of Bicycles! I'm raising funds and awareness for World Bicycle Relief, a global nonprofit organization committed to helping individuals overcome the barrier of distance in developing communities around the world.

Please consider supporting me as I work to empower women and girls through the Power of Bicycles. Every donation makes a difference, and a contribution of $165 USD helps put a Buffalo Bicycle into the hands of a person in need!

Thank you for your support.

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Saturday 12th Mar

Greetings Community,

First, I’d like to thank those of you who have already donated to the effort. It is humbling and inspiring to witness your generosity.

As promised, I’d like to put a little meat on the bones of the Big Dumb Ride the FRD:Collective will be undertaking in support of WBR’s Pedal to Empower initiative on June 4th+5th.  Each participant is encouraged to ride as many miles as possible and raise money to support the cause. In my case, a few of us are doing one Big Dumb Ride (actually two) and inviting you to join me physically or in spirit.

In designing the route, we wanted to come up with something on the edge of possible (for us) and would take a single bike over a wide range of terrain. Urban, mountain, trail, road…unknown. We also wanted to design a route with accessible segments where people could join for a bit.

So here it is:

On Saturday June 4th a small group of us will depart South Denver and ride the Highline Trail to Waterton Canyon. From there we will head up and across to the Buffalo Creek area. We’ll work our way down to HWY 285 for a brief segment of pavement until we head up Webster Pass and connect up with the network of trails and jeep roads that will drop us into Breckenridge.

This route will be nearly all on unpaved surfaces and trail. The only significant road portion will be the approximately 10 miles on HWY 285 between Bailey and Grant.

This ride will measure out at about 125 miles and 17,000 ft of climbing.

Opportunities to join will be:

The Highline segment from Denver to Waterton.

Though Buffalo Creek.

Down into Breck.

On Sunday June 5th, we’ll depart Breckenridge and return to South Denver. We’ll take a fairly standard route over Swan Mountain Road and Loveland Pass. We’ll follow the frontage roads and bike paths along I-70 to Idaho Springs where we will head south to link up with Squaw Pass Road and drop into Evergreen. From there we’ll descend Morrison Canyon and return to Denver along Yale Ave and Quincy Ave.

This route will be nearly all paved, except for a small dirt segment linking Squaw Pass Rd to Evergreen. It will measure approximately 102 miles with about 8700 ft of climbing.

Opportunities to join will be:

Breckenridge to Loveland Pass.

Idaho Springs to Evergreen

Morrison to home

Over the course of the two days, we will cover about 227 miles, and 25,700 ft of climbing. When we mapped it we knew it would be hard. As I write this, its pretty daunting…never mind that though.

This is all unsupported, unofficial, and informal.  Each of us is responsible for our own food, water, logistics and safety but I’d love to have some company. 

As you know, the whole point of this effort is to support the World Bicycle Relief Pedal to Empower initiative. In pursuit of that goal, we’d like to offer a structure for how to offer your support through donation. We’d like to propose that you sponsor us for:

10 cents/mile = $22.70

25 cents/mile = $56.75

50 cents/mile = $113.50

73 cents/mile = $165.00 – This amount is the equivalent to the cost of a single “Buffalo Bike.” The purpose built workhorse bike of World Bicycle Relief.

$1.00 /mile = $227.00

Of course, any and all donations are welcome, and a simple share or thumbs up or like or whatever the kids do these days to show support, goes a long way too.

As we get closer to the day, we’ll communicate specific departure times and meeting locations for anyone who wants to pedal along. For now, thanks for reading, and thank you for your support!



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