Fire Soles

Pedal to Empower

Pedal to Empower

We're pedaling to empower women and girls around the world.

Join us for an adventure on two wheels.

We are excited to help change lives through the Power of Bicycles! If you wish to ride together, please join me in Highland Park on Sunday, June 5th, 8am for a supported 20 mile no-drop ride where we will ride a casual pace. Precise location is forthcoming. Just click ‘Join Us’ above to be a part of my team Fire Soles. You can also pedal along from anywhere and be a part of the fun June 3-5th. 

Please also consider supporting me with a donation, as you will be helping get more women and girls on bikes in countries around the world to achieve independence and thrive. Just click ‘Sponsor Us’ above. Every donation makes a difference, and a contribution of $165 USD helps put a brand-new Buffalo Bicycle into the hands of a person in need!

Come join the Fire Soles!! 🔥

team-work [teem-wurk] noun

1. A cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team or in the interest of a common cause.

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Kiran Johnson






Steve Donnellan


Charles Mills

Congratulations on everything Anadil.


Anadil Johnson


David Lamothe


Kathleen Close


Lori Souder

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein Just keep pedaling, Anadil! Great cause! Bravo!


Stephen Dittmeier

Sounds like a great cause. Have fun on the ride.


Dawn Gupta

Good luck!! 🍀👍🏼


Greg And Katy Kaminski


Sara Kontalonis

Well done, team firesoles!


Rob Levin


Jenny And Geoff Oldham

From me and Geoff❤️


Roxanne Cohen