Backroads Berkeley

Pedal to Empower

Pedal to Empower

Ride Information

Ride Location:

801 Cedar to Rosie the Riveter National Historic Park



Organized By:

Matt K, Alannah and Quinnen

Time of Ride:



In celebration of Pedal to Empower, you’re invited to join us on a guided afterwork ride from Backroads to Rosie the Riveter National Historical Park on Thursday June 1st. The group ride will be led by former-Trip Leader turned Talent Development Coordinator, Matt Kurkjian, and will end with a casual gathering at Assemble Marketplace. Please note: this is not a BR sponsored happy hour. If you would like to join the group ride, please work with your manager on timing for your work day, as we intend to leave right at 5:00pm. We will be hosting some Bike Workshops in the week leading up to the ride going over bike fitting, fixing a flat, properly locking your bike, and what to wear / bring on your bike, so you feel empowered 😉 to ride on your own! There are multiple restaurant options located inside for a bite or a drink. Plus, a beautiful view of the Bay & Brooks Island Regional Preserve. THE RIDE: Starts: 5:00pm in the 801 Cedar St Courtyard Ends: Assemble Marketplace Distance: 9.7 mi Elevation: 196 ft

Our Distance Goal


5,255 KM

Our goal

1,034 KM

Thank you to our donors


Logan Jackonis + Company Match



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Matthew Kurkjian


Cecile Delafield

Love you!


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This is awesome, Matt!


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Crush it!


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Go Matt!




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Go Uncle Matt!


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Catalina Azcarraga

Congrats love!! Proud of you!


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way to go matty k!


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